About us

We started making furniture as a side project, especially once we became pregnant and realised how much the baby world costs. We decided instead to manufacture our own changing station, crib and chairs. As we learned from our time working on other wooden projects, being able to custom make an item brings to life a whole different dimension of choice. Not only that but when the time comes and baby is too big for her crib, we will easily be able to modify and enlarge the crib to suite our new needs.

We also had to keep in mind how cumbersome and intricate some of the commercial baby furniture is, therefore ours are made to be transportable even in our small Sandero. When it comes to quality we also pay mind to how some baby products are often shaky and unstable, an area we strongly believe we can counter with solid and sturdy build quality.

My wife and I are happy to be able to extend this service to you and hope to turn woes and worries into happy memories”