Over 100 new visits!

Though it might be a small step for us, we have had over a hundred visits to our website today!

We are humbled and excited to say that we didn’t expect it this soon and we are a little embarrassed that the website doesn’t have more flesh on its bones yet 🙂

We will be adding plenty of photos to our gallery and more items to our shop as quickly as we can!

Thank you to each and everyone that came to have a look!

Our Pride and Craft.

At Valente, we pride ourselves on the craftsmanship and unique ways we approach furniture. We custom make and design to fit a need.

Although only recently we’ve decided to add furniture as a staple to our range of products, our parent company has been manufacturing other wooden products since 2006, while doing the odd favour for a customer in need of something special.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us regarding any requests as we are certain we can make your ideas come to life.

A few things we design:
-Changing stations
-Rocking/Normal chairs
-Coffee Tables (can include photos of your baby etc under the glass)
-Solutions for specific needs, you send the photo and measurements, we create it! 🙂